Naruto Couples and Next Generation Kids for upcoming Short Manga Series


Sai and Ino

This was shocking to me at first, as I never thought Sai being in a relationship, but it’s good to see him having a family. The Son “Inoji Yamanaka” looks like Ino. Yes, he is a boy.

Sai and Ino Daughter Inoji Yamanaka

Choji and Karui

Choji and Karui is also an unexpected pair, but they have the cutest chubby girl. Their daugther is named as “Chocho Akamichi“.

Choji and Karui Daugther Chocho Akamichi

Kiba and Tamaki

Tamaki is a wife of Kiba and she is not from Konoha village. She lived in an abondend village Sora-ku with her grandmother and was shown in the start of the series once. This is also a nice couple.

Kiba and Tamaki

New Short Naruto Manga in Spring 2015

We might be able to see the story of the new generation in the upcoming short Naruto manga. The manga is going to launch in spring 2015 and is a part of Naruto’s New Era Project. The project is to celebrate the successful 15th anniversary of the manga.

Which couple you like the most? and are you excited about this new mini Naruto manga?



  1. two of these are technically wrong if i’m not mistaken. nowhere in the last chapter did it say or even give the hint that tenten and lee were married, and the same goes for kiba and tamaki. Unless Kishimoto said something in an interview those are just assumptions.

    • errrr… Sorry Nick. If I’m not wrong too, Maybe Yes, Of course… Kiba will get Tamaki. The point that is Kiba is a dog clan (:P) and Tamaki is a cat clan. Other hand, She just appear near Kiba immediately. So, What it’s called…? hehe… 😀

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